zbipathwayZ™ Program

Zimmer Biomet Institute PathwayZ™ Program

The Zimmer Biomet Institute PathwayZ Series offers two unique educational programs – zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series and zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series. Designed as an introductory program, zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series starts restorative clinicians on the road to competency with theory, knowledge acquisition, and technique review, followed by skill development at Zimmer Biomet Institute. The local, regionally based zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series offers interactive education and comprehensive training led by an experienced thought leader in implant restorative dentistry. The program focuses on patient education and identification of candidates for implant therapy, through diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of provisional restorations through definitive restorations.
The zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series allows clinicians to start on the road to competency in a comprehensive approach to dental implant therapy. The curriculum begins with a series of five (5) self-study webcasts, followed by a one-day skill development course held at Zimmer Biomet Institute (facilities in Carlsbad, CA and Parsippany, NJ).
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The zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series offers a one-of-a kind local learning experience focused on the team approach to implant therapy. This four (4) session, live group series, in combination with self-study web-based modules, provides all the tools necessary to effectively communicate and treat patients while introducing dental implants as a treatment option.
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