Courtesy Implant Replacement Request, North America

Courtesy Implant Replacement
US and Canada Based Customers

If the customer has contacted Zimmer Biomet Dental Customer Service within 90 days from the day of surgery time following attempted implant placement, a Courtesy Implant Replacement is available for a nominal fee. If the requested implant is from the T3®, Trabecular Metal™, Eztetic™ or Osseotite® 2 product families, the fee will be waived. Freight charges are complimentary for replacement implants. The customer must follow the Courtesy Implant Replacement Process when the issue is an implant dropped in surgery, one that has a loss of sterility due to opening it, but not placing, or one placed and removed immediately during surgery. A Courtesy Implant Replacement Request form must be submitted in addition to obtaining an RMA from Zimmer Biomet Dental Customer Service at 800-342-5454.*

This policy does not address the replacements in connection with 1) product non-conformances 2) Lifetime Warranty Policy. In those cases, please contact Customer Service to complete a Product Experience Form.

** Product must have a minimum of 60 days of shelf life remaining as of the date of initial contact with Zimmer Biomet Dental Customer Service.