Guided Surgery Solutions
Navigator® System for Guided Surgery
  1. 1. Angulation for improved restorative outcomes

    • • All instrumentation is diameter specific and designed to work with the exact dimensions of Zimmer Biomet Dental Certain and Prevail® Implants and Navigator Master Tubes to provide accurate control of instrument and implant angulation.

  2. 2. Hex Orientation for immediate provisionalization

    • • Allows the laboratory to pour a preoperative master cast and orient the implant analogs as the implants will be positioned on the day of surgery, to support immediate provisionalization.

  3. 3. Depth control for security when working near vital anatomy

    • • Drills are depth-specific with definitive depth stops for precise osteotomy preparation. There is no need for adjustable depth control measures, loops, calipers or looking for the right line.

  4. 4. Position for soft-tissue maintenance

    • • Provides accuracy of pre-planning and implant placement for appropriate implant spacing in multiple-unit cases and with neighboring dentition, while supporting the option of minimally invasive (flapless) surgery as well as the delivery of a laboratory-made provisional prosthesis immediately following implant placement.



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ZBINST1260 - Certain Implant System Product Catalog

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ZBINST1129 - Tapered Navigator Kit Assembly Brochure

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Video:  A guided solution from the treatment plan to the implant placement

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