Membrane barriera pericardica
Membrana pericardica CopiOs®

Unione di forza ed elasticità.

Prestazione dimostrata

  • Clinically demonstrated performance in guided bone regeneration procedures,1, 2 where ease of manipulation and adaptability to surface contours is essential

Lunga durata

  • Shown to provide a stable, long-lasting barrier during healing and integration of Puros® Allografts and staged or immediately placed implants1, 2

Conserva la struttura tissutale naturale

  • Supports an aesthetic soft tissue response1, 2 through facilitation of cell attachment and proliferation and remodeling into vascularized connective tissue1, 3
  • Retains the structure and composition of natural tissue due to the proprietary Tutoplast process,leading to optimal performance and handling1, 2




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ZB0646 - CopiOs® Pericardium Membrane Product Information

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