BellaTek Gold-Colored Nitride-Coated Abutments

With BellaTek Abutments, dental technicians can design in the laboratory or by using the BellaTek Encode Impression System. BellaTek dental technicians deliver an anatomic patient-specific abutment with the appropriate collar height and natural emergence contours, with consideration of the surrounding gingival architecture and dental structures. Abutments are available in titanium and titanium with gold-colored nitride coating.1


Technicians simply send in their verified master casts and BellaTek Technicians at Biomet 3i design and mill BellaTek Bars (formerly known as CAM StructSURE Precision Milled Bars) in an array of precise designs


The strength of titanium provides a solution for cases when angle corrections are needed in the anterior.


Enhanced Aesthetics:
Gold-colored titanium nitride coating creates a warm hue through the gingiva.


Customized Restorations:

  • BellaTek Custom Abutments are exclusively designed to match each patient’s tooth anatomy, producing a natural emergence profile through the soft tissue.
  • The BellaTek Encode Impression System provides optimized solutions to clinicians by eliminating the need for implant level impressions, which streamlines the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and laboratory. In addition, patients have a better experience and a beautiful aesthetic outcome.
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  1. Gold-colored nitride coating not available in all markets.

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