Feb 19, 2016

(Palm Beach Gardens, FL) – February 19, 2016 – The Zimmer Biomet dental division is pleased to announce the U.S. launch of its new 3i T3 Short Implants, manufactured by Biomet 3i. The company is also offering a comprehensive new surgical kit designed specifically to support site preparation and placement of 3i T3 Short Implants. The 3i T3 Short Implants have been commercially available in Europe and Australia since June of 2015. Dr. Francesco Amato stated, “The 3i T3 Short Implant provides me with an implant treatment option for patients with limited bone height, reducing the need for a sinus elevation or vertical ridge augmentation procedure.”

The 3i T3 Short Implants are available in 5 and 6mm diameters with 5 and 6mm lengths and provide a familiar surgical protocol without the need for vertical grafting procedures in some challenging clinical cases. They feature the 3i T3 Surface along the full length of the implant, increased implant/abutment clamping force when using the Gold-Tite® Screw, and instrumentation designed to create a tight implant-to-osteotomy fit, which assists with primary stability. In addition, the system includes new instruments designed specifically for the 3i T3 Short Implants, such as the Flat-bottom Shaping Drills that match the dimensions of the implant and provide a countersink.

All references contained herein to Zimmer Biomet Dental refer to the Zimmer Biomet Dental Division. Due to regulatory requirements, Zimmer Biomet’s dental division will continue to manufacture products under Zimmer Dental Inc. and Biomet 3i LLC respectively until further notice.