Provisional Components’ Advantages

  • Ease Of Use And Versatility

Components can be immediately customized to a patient’s anatomical profile 

Components are made of polymer material for easy preparation

  • Prosthetic Flexibility

Available for implant and abutment-level provisional restorations

Available in internal and external hex connections




Features & Benefits

  • Components can be immediately customized to a patient’s anatomical profile
  • Components are made of polymer material for easy preparation
  • Available for implant and abutment-level provisional restorations
  • Available in internal and external hex connections


Versatile Solutions For Patients Who Demand More Choices And Faster Results

PreFormance Post

PreFormance Post

Straight & 15° Pre-Angled

For use with cement-retained restorations. Available in straight or 15° pre-angled for easy angle correction. Smooth surface for easy provisional reline. Flat side for anti-rotation.

Temporary Cylinders

Temporary Cylinders

PreFormance (PEEK) & Titanium

Indicated for screw-retained restorations. Knurled surface for mechanical retention of resin restorative material. Available in hexed and non-hexed for single or multiple-unit restorations.



Titanium Cylinder And Peek Cap

Provide a simple solution for the fabrication of multiple-unit, provisional restorations on definitive Low Profile Abutments. All components are compatible with straight and angled Low Profile Abutments.


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