Soft-Tissue Grafts

Key Benefit:

Ideal for aesthetic case requirements, Puros Dermis Allograft Tissue Matrix is a high-quality, natural, biocompatible matrix that is sterilized and preserved through the proprietary Tutoplast process to provide an easy-to-use, biocompatible, regenerative solution, for horizontal and vertical soft-tissue augmentation,28,29 soft-tissue management and guided tissue regeneration procedures.

  • Shelf-life: Five (5) years


The Unique Tutoplast Process

For over 40 years, Tutoplast processed tissues have been used in more than five million procedures. 8

  • The Tutoplast Process is a validated chemical sterilization process that assures the highest standard of tissue safety; validated to achieve terminal sterility of SAL 10-6.8
  • The process preserves the valuable collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and gently removing unwanted materials, such as cells, antigens and viruses.9,10

Clinical Advantages

  • Reduces morbidity and saves valuable chair time by eliminating the need to harvest an autogenous graft
  • Provides an excellent healing environment and acts as a scaffold for the patient’s own tissue to grow into and regenerate vital soft-tissue28,29
  • Exhibits multi-directional strength30 and exceptional adaptability to surface contours49
  • Maintains space to allow for angiogenesis and tissue remodeling, and increases the volume of attached gingiva and connective tissue28,29



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