Barrier Membranes

Key Benefit:

Resorbable membranes that are rigid enough to create and maintain space.

  • BioMend Membrane is resorbed in approximately eight (8) weeks.30
  • BioMend Extend Membrane is resorbed in approximately 18 weeks.30


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Clinical Advantages

  • Resorbable30 eliminates second-stage surgery for membrane removal, reducing wound trauma and surgical chair time30
  • Cell-Occlusive serves as barrier to prevent epithelial cell migration and allows passage of essential nutrients30
  • Space-Maintaining provides rigid scaffold for tissue regeneration in GTR and GBR procedures30
  • Excellent Handling tear-resistant, suturable, pliable; easy to handle even when hydrated; conforms to defect morphology38




Trusted Clinical Solutions

CopiOs Extent Membrane with Puros Cortico-Cancellous Allograft: Maxillary Molar Clinical Case



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