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SmileZ Today allows you to integrate the clinical benefits of guided surgery and improved aesthetics in three simple steps:

  1. Start your case and upload your files to the Implant Concierge portal
  2. Speak with our expert Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinators™ at Implant Concierge to finalize your ideal restorative and surgical treatment plan
  3. Receive your patient-specific SmileZ Today Box
For Clinicians

Clinicians can choose from the following products for their single-unit cases:

  • Surgical Protocol
  • Surgical Guide
  • TSV® or Certain® BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutment
  • Surgery-Ready Provisional
  • TSV® or Certain® Implant
  • Model
  • BellaChek Coupon for a Definitive BellaTek Abutment
Implant Concierge

Fully Guided. Fully Supported.

Implant Concierge is your Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™.

SmileZ Today Benefits

  • Custom

Patient specific and fully customizable

  • Simple

Intuitive ordering and communication platform

  • Efficient

Integrated process produces a fast, on time delivery

  • Predictable

The Surgical Protocol tells you what you need and it is all delivered in one (1) convenient box



Your Patient's New Smile Awaits.

Everything you need in one box for your individualized patients needs.

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