What Ti-Bases Were Meant To Be

Get Restorative Flexibility, Efficiency and Strength

  • TSV BellaTek Express and TSV BellaTek Flex are the original cement- or screw-retained abutments for angled screw access channel restorations for Zimmer Biomet Dental Tapered Screw-Vent® (TSV) Implants.
  • Add efficiency to your CAD/CAM single- or multi-unit implant restorations workflow with the flexibility of adjusting the abutment at four different heights, and support with thicker abutment walls on wider implant platform diameters.


Features & Benefits

  • Unrivaled Flexibility - The TSV BellaTek Flex Abutment provides a unique 12 mm post for cases that demand taller heights with greater surface for bonding to the crown.
  • Convenience Within Reach - The TSV BellaTek Express Abutment conveniently comes at 4.75 mm post height, providing efficiency for cases that do not require taller heights.
  • Enabled Angles For Versatility - Place the Angled Screw Channel anywhere from 0 to 25° for improved aesthetics in interior cases and for better access in challenging inter-arch spaces.


BellaTek Encode Impression System

BellaTek Encode Impression System Workflow Options:

  1. BellaTek Encode Empowered Laboratory (EELs): Through a non-exclusive license, the EELs have access to the BellaTek Encode Impression System Libraries and can receive a scan file or a scan of BellaTek Encode Healing Abutments for the CAD/CAM workflow.
  2. Work with a Hub BellaTek Encode Empowered Laboratories (Hub EELs) that can receive a scan or scan a BellaTek Encode Healing for decoding and providing other lab-to-lab services. For a list of Hub EELs please visit www.zimmerbiometdental.com/HubEELs 


BellaTek Express and Flex 3Shape Guidelines

(For U.S. and Canada Based Customers).

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