Visualize a Better Practice

Provide your patients with an elevated experience by implementing intraoral scanning technology in your practice, and experience how great customer service can lead to growth.

  • iTero Element 2
  • iTero Element Flex
  • iTero Element 5D®
Innovative Digital Workflow

Optimizing and Growing Your Practice Through Unique Digital Solutions

  • Market your practice with differentiating technology
  • Improve your patient’s experience with integrated visualization tools

Better Patient Care

  • Digitization

Intraoral scanners provide a superior patient experience and can be an effective marketing tool.

  • Optimization

Experience efficiencies through an updated and optimized workflow.

  • Visualization

The iTero Element Scanners can be a powerful communication tool to educate your patients.




iTero Element 2

Meet the newest member of your team – iTero Element 2.

I’m here to help you do what you do – only better. With faster processing and clearer imaging, I’ll transform your digital workflow and your chairside consults, so you can help your patients visualize their potential new smiles – and feel more engaged about their treatment.

iTero Element Flex

I’m iTero Element Flex and I go wherever you go.

My unique, wand-only configuration puts the power of iTero Element technology right in your hands, so you can perform full-arch scans in even the smallest office. I prove that power can come in small packages.

iTero Element 5D

Go Beyond What The Eye Can See.

Just one scan! First intraoral scanner that aids in the detection of interproximal caries lesion.


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