Discover The Power Of Two With This Historical Pairing...

  • Over 5 million TSV Implants placed with 20 years of clinical efficacy and over 130 peer-reviewed articles
  • Over 1 million Encode Healing Abutments placed globally with half a million scans
  • 99% survival rate* matched with the first healing abutment that also serves as an impression coping and scan body


Benefits For The Patient

A Better Patient Experience! Better Patient Care

Make implant dentistry simple for your referrals. The BellaTek Surgeon Solution offers a gateway to clinicians unfamiliar with dental implants. You scan the patient, which makes it much easier for your referral to complete the case1.

  • One Abutment - One Time™ - No need to remove the healing abutment, preserving tissue and resulting in aesthetic outcomes. 
  • Fewer Visits - Treatment time is decreased.
  • No Goop! - More comfortable impression.

Designed for Practice Growth Through  Better Patient Care

Customized Product Solutions Offering Aesthetic Patient Outcomes


  • A unique and proprietary, simplified process, which is designed to open up new workflows to laboratories. The result is a highly aesthetic BellaTek Definitive Patient-Specific Abutment for TSV Implants.
  • There is no need to create a cast, which results in less steps in the treatment process compared to traditional procedures.
  • The TSV Implant digital lab analogs are designed to be used with 3D printed models to support the fabrication of definitive restorations in the digital workflow. The analogs replicate  the position and orientation of the TSV Implant in the printed model.


What if we could say goodbye to impression copings?

BellaTek Encode Impression System

BellaTek®  Encode®  Empowered Laboratories

Due to advancements in digital dentistry, BellaTek laboratories are now able to control the design of their CAD/CAM BellaTek Encode Abutments, experience faster turnaround times as well as enjoy a more simplified workflow to better support and serve their clinicians. Through the development of this program, laboratories are provided with the following benefits:

• Scan and design control from a BellaTek Encode Impression
• Reduced turnaround times
• Abutment material flexibility
• Cost effective milling options

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