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If something happens to your natural teeth, you can continue to live confidently with implants from Zimmer Biomet Dental. Unlike dentures and bridgework, implants are a solution proven by experience to last for many years. They look and feel like your natural teeth, and eliminate the worry of slipping or coming loose.

For more than two decades, dental implants have been used successfully with people just like you — a safe, medically proven alternative that delivers confident living. By working with Zimmer Biomet Dental, your doctor can offer you the most advanced implants and prosthetics available today.

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ZB0043 - Patient Education: Dental Implants Brochure

ZB0450 - Patient Education: Ridge Preservation

ZB0451 - Patient Education: Sinus Lift

ZB0449 - Patient Education: Soft Tissue Grafting

ART885 - Patient Education: Oral Bone Loss Brochure

ART929 - Patient Education: Patient Education: DIEM

ZB0369 - Patient Education: Bone Grafting

ZB0503 - Trabecular Metal Patient Ed Brochure  (Rapid_Recovery)

ZB0595 - Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants Patient Ed Brochure (Risk Management) 

ZB0786 - Restoring Quality of Life: Full-Arch Restoration

ZB0785 - Restoring Quality of Life: Multiple-Tooth Replacement

ZB0765 - Restoring Quality of Life: Single-Tooth Replacement

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