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Zimmer Biomet Institute
Transforming the Traditional Classroom
Zimmer Biomet Institute (ZBI) transforms the traditional classroom into a revolutionary learning facility. Each Zimmer Biomet Institute is equipped with the latest tools and advancements in implant and reconstructive dentistry as well as state-of-the-art audio & visual equipment. But what truly makes Zimmer Biomet Institute a world leader in dental education is our Simulated Patient Training Laboratory (SimLab). The SimLab allows clinicians to practice real-life case scenarios, in their entirety, on one-of-a-kind, proprietary simulation patients. During each course, attendees practice multiple procedures on the simulated patients, creating an accelerated learning experience that no other educational facility can replicate.
All Zimmer Biomet Institute courses and curriculums are developed and taught by either university-based faculties or world-class educators; and while all courses meet standard objectives, every course taught at a ZBI is unique to the hosting faculty.

Zimmer Biomet Institute - Parsippany NJ - USA

Zimmer Biomet Institute - Carlsbad CA - USA

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