Are there Doppelgängers in your dental practice?

Genuine Zimmer Biomet Implant and Abutment Systems

Why settle for lookalikes when you can have the real thing? Zimmer Biomet offers a full range of premium dental solutions that imitators can’t match. Yes, they may look the same, but it’s the quality and innovation of our implant and abutment systems that set the standards for the industry. Systems designed to work together, technological superiority, personalized service, and better outcomes are what differentiate us from the doppelgängers of the world. Be sure to choose genuine Zimmer Biomet Implants and Abutments. For your patients. For your practice.

BellaTek® Abutments


Genuine OEM
Certain® BellaTek® Abutment

All genuine BellaTek Abutments are packaged with the patented

Precise 6 point hex engagement

Six Certain Fingers eliminate the need to use a screw when trying abutment in maxillary cases


Shorter depth of engagement

No Certain Fingers

Genuine OEM
TSV™ BellaTek Abutment

Tapered Hex provides Friction Fit cold weld technology.

Only genuine Zimmer Biomet TSV BellaTek Abutments have a friction fit that forms a virtual cold weld between the implant and the abutment system.

Genuine Zimmer Biomet BellaTek Abutments have the lot number laser marked on the hex


Abutments are not polished

No lot number on hex

No taper on the hex means there is no friction fit cold weld technology which may result in ill-fitting restorations

Let's get real with genuine
Zimmer Biomet solutions.

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