Dental Implant Systems
T3® Implants

Contemporary hybrid surface provided by complex multi-surface topography

  • Coarse And fine micron surface features create an average mean surface roughness value Of 1.4μm1

Seal integrity provided by a stable and tight implant/abutment interface

  • A stable, tight implant/abutment interface minimizes abutment micromotion and reduces potential microleakage.2

Integrated platform switching

  • Medializes the implant/abutment junction (IAJ) inward, creating a biologic width between connective tissue and the IAJ, helping to maintain bone levels.3


T3 Short Implant

The T3 Short Implant’s length and features are designed to provide an implant treatment option in some challenging clinical cases where the bone height is insufficient for standard length implants.


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ART1235_EU - T3 ExHex Brochure

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ART1220 - Dental Implant System Design and the Potential Impact on Long Term Aesthetics: A Review of the 3i T3 Tapered Implant

360_EN - EAO Effect of Abutment Screw Design on the Seal Performance of an External Hex Implant System Poster

ART1226 - JIRD® Special Reprint - Mastering Aesthetics In Post Extraction Sites

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INSTSM - Biomet 3i Surgical Manual For Tapered and Parallel Walled Implants

INST974 - Quick Reference Subcrestal Surgical Protocol Certain Internal & External Hex Connection Parallel Walled Implants

INST972 - Subcrestal Tapered Implant Placement Protocol - Certain Internal & External Connection Parallel Walled Implants

INST1253 - T3 Clinical And Technical Insights Quick Reference

ZBINSTMT3S - T3 Short Implant Surgical Manual

ZBINST5000 - T3 Short Implant Quick Reference Surgical Guide

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† Dr. Lazzara has a financial relationship with Biomet 3i LLC resulting from speaking engagements, consulting engagements and other retained services.
††Dr. Gubbi and Mr. Towse contributed to the above research while employed by Biomet 3i.

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